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The Office UF-6000 Multifunction Laser Fax

   3-Second Super G3 Transmission
   2.8 - Second Quick Scanning
   Quick Memory Transmission
   50 page Automatic Document Feeder
   600 dpi Printer and 400 dpi TWAIN Scanner
   Check and Call Function
   Document Management Software
 Dimensions  14.6" (W) x 18.7" (D) x 9.8" (H)
 Weight  20 lbs
 Scanning Resolution  203 dpi x 98 dpi up to 406 dpi x 391 dpi
 Modem Speed  33,600/ 31,200/ 28,800/ 26,400/ 24,000/ 21,600/ 19,200/ 16,800/ 14,400/ 12,000/ 9,600/ 7,200/ 4,800/ 2,400 bps with automatic fallback
 Printing Resolution  406 dpi x 391 dpi
 Recording Speed  6.5 ppm
 Image Memory  Approximately 120 pages based on ITU-T Image No. 1
 Paper Supply  Approximately 250 sheets (using 20-lb. paper)
 Transmission Speed  Approximately 3-seconds per page
 Recording Method  Laser printing on plain paper
 Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice

Scan It, Fax It, Or Even Email It.
___ Efficient Paper Document Processing.

Built on a solid foundation of superior fax performance and reliability, the UF-6000's versatile PC connectivity makes it much more than just a fax. Equipped with powerful fax capabilities that rival those of high-end faxes, the UF-6000's true power is revealed when you connect it to a PC. Right away, you'll have a convenient, easy-to-use image scanner that can convert any paper document into PC image data that you can store on your computer or even attach to an e-mail message. Best of all, it's easy to use. The Panafax UF-6000 ___ The Paper Document Processor with the digital edge.


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