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Philips Digital Desktops

If you rely on the dictation process to improve your efficiency, look for the Guaranteed Professional Dictation Quality symbol.

Philips offers state-of-the-art equipment for both analog and digital transcription. Transcribing from tapes or from audio files directly on the PC - however you prefer to work, our systems meet the most stringent of transcription requirements.


Desktop 9750
Telephone Desktop 9850

DIGITAL Desktop 9750
The Digital Desktop 9750 allows you to work in the same way as you would with traditional tape-based transcription. You just insert the Multimedia/SD Card from the Digital Pocket Memos instead of tapes. This is a business tool that brings real added value. The 9750 features hands-free listening to dictation, Workflow Management and the ability to store a substantial amount of workflow information. 

 The Digital Desktop 9750 gives you digital sound clarity and it is simple to use. In addition, data can be easily transferred to your PC simply. By adding a microphone, you can turn the 9750 into a for foot-controlled dictation unit.

 Key benefits of the Digital Desktop 9750

bulletDigital transcription is as easy as cassette-based transcription
bulletWorks with exchangeable Multimedia/SD Card, the industry-standard storage media for input from mobile dictation devices
bulletDSS file format, the industry-standard file format for digital recording devices, offers minimum file sizes while maintaining crystal clear sound quality


 Technical data Digital Desktop 9750

bulletWeight: 1,300 grams
bulletDimensions: 232 x 135 x 45 mm
bulletAcoustic frequency response: 300 – 6,000 Hz
bulletOutput power: 600 mW
bulletEarphones socket:  3.5 mm
bulletMicrophone socket: 2.5 mm
bulletData input / output socket: Mini-USB 2.0 full speed
bulletPower Supply socket: 12 V DC

Package contents

bulletDigital Desktop 9750
bulletFoot Control 210
bulletEarphones 234
bulletPower Supply 155
bulletSpeechExec Dictate software
bulletUSB Download Cable

Check out the available accessories.

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DIGITAL Telephone Desktop 9850
Simply pick up the phone and dictate into the Philips Digital Telephone Desktop 9850. It can be accessed and operated using virtually any commercially-available touchtone telephone, allowing your transcriptionist to transcribe urgent documents immediately. The moment you hang up, your recordings can be automatically downloaded via USB to your transcriptionist’s computer, an FTP server or an e-mail account. This allows for central file storage which increases security, ensuring that no files are lost, damaged or accessed by unauthorized persons.

 Experience a new kind of mobility and freedom: the Philips Digital Telephone Desktop 9850 allows you to record dictations on the go, through the convenience of an everyday telephone connection.

 For easy and secure call-in document creation.

 Key benefits

bulletSingle-line call-in system using virtually any touchtone telephone 
bulletWorks with an exchangeable Multimedia/SD Card, the industry-standard storage media for input from mobile dictation devices 
bulletRecords in DSS file format, the industry-standard file format for digital recording devices that offers minimum file sizes while maintaining crystal-clear sound quality 
bulletAutomatic file download via USB to network, e-mail, or FTP the instant the author hangs up 
bulletUp to 20 individual author ID numbers supported for clear file recognition

 Package contents

bulletDigital Telephone Desktop 9850
bulletStandard telephone cable (~ 10 feet)
bulletUSB download cable
bulletPower Supply 155
bulletPhilips Multimedia Card with pre-recorded voice prompt
bulletFoot Control 210
bulletDictation Download Software
bulletQuick reference guide 9850
bulletQuick reference guide SpeechExec Dictate

Check out the available accessories.

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