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Philips Speech Processing

Pocket Memo Line          Analog        Digital

Philips Pocket MemoŽ for the discerning professional

Time and again, surveys show that dictation saves time, since you normally speak seven times faster than you write. Dictation equipment is an ideal means of noting ideas and observations, for dictating correspondence and recording discussions. The name Pocket MemoŽ is used by Philips worldwide for its portable dictation units and is a registered trade mark.

Both analog and digital dictation equipment and dictation systems are manufactured at the electronics factory in Vienna, Austria. Philips Speech Processing was the first company in Austria to be awarded an ISO 9000/EN 29000 certificate and is, to date, the only dictation equipment manufacturer in the world to have achieved this certification.

Transcription and Desktop Line        Analog        Digital

Philips offers state-of-the-art equipment for both analog and digital transcription. Transcribing from tapes or from audio files directly on the PC - however you prefer to work, our systems meet the most stringent of transcription requirements.


ACCESSORIES:       Analog        Digital        Digital PC Transcription Set


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