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The business tool you didn't know you needed.

There’s never been a time when the telephone was more important. Communications like mail and the Internet may be growing fast - but so too is voice. The fact is, we’re all doing more business and giving more professional advice over the phone than ever before.

There’s just one problem.

Where written and on-screen communications are inherently semi-permanent, a telephone conversation exists for a moment in time, and is then gone - forever.

It’s hardly ever an issue for social calls. But for hundreds of thousands of public service, business and professional people, verifying who said what to whom, and when they said it, can make all the difference in the world.

Many large organizations already know this. For them, specialized voice recording equipment to track all telephone calls is often a legal or regulatory requirement.

But what about the small to medium enterprise or organization? The world is increasingly realizing that voice recording is just as valuable outside of multinational organizations. And that it has applications far beyond legislative compliance.

Now small to medium organizations in fields as diverse as engineering to accounting, public services to medical practices, are seeing that life can be simpler and more effective if they have an impartial and utterly reliable witness to every important telephone call.

As technology has shrunk the cost of voice recording, organizations with as few as one or two telephone lines are discovering that it can be both a powerful tool for staff training -and a valuable form of insurance or backup when things don’t go according to plan.

The unflinching honesty of a voice recording system makes it easy to:
bulletPlay-back live calls to staff and spot improvement opportunities
bulletKeep on-going records for personnel evaluation
bulletTrack workflow/process efficiency

But if specialized voice recording can be a strong positive force for organizational advantage, it can also prove a valuable ally when things go wrong:
bulletResolving disputes over accuracy of verbal advice or instructions
bulletClarifying hurried or garbled messages
bulletMediating when customers or staff complain
bulletTrapping nuisance or abusive callers

There’s no doubt about it. Voice recording is now as relevant to the small to medium enterprise or organization as it once was only to the largest of users.


Most organizations are already familiar with voice recording in the form of telephone answering or voicemail machines. Specialized voice recording systems, while they do a lot more, can be as easy to operate.

Whereas answering machines record limited incoming messages on a single line or channel, voice recording keeps a record of both sides of many live conversations at the same time, stamping each with a unique identification code.

Rather than use special tape cassettes as the recording and storage medium, voice recorders are moving to much more robust optical disks that can be bought in computer stores. Recorded voice quality is unparalleled.

A single day’s telephone activity in a moderately busy office can generate many hours of recorded information. A single disk can hold upwards of 300 hours of speech and be re-used up to 1,000 times or kept in an archive.

When it comes to playing back, swiftly accessing individual conversations is easy. Advanced voice recorders work like any other shared PC peripheral. Users simply click their computer mouse on the conversation or series of conversations they want.

Playback, as many times as is required, is virtually instantaneous. Searches can be made according to a wide range of parameters including calling number, dialed number, and duration of calls.


At Simko Office Systems, we’d like you to talk to us.

That’s partly because we have Mirra, probably the world’s most advanced and least expensive voice recorder for small to medium organizations.

But it’s also because, while we develop recording systems for demanding military, medical and air traffic control use, we also have a good understanding of just what the technology can do in environments like yours where the pressures - but not always the pace - are a little different.

For a no-obligation exploration of the benefits voice recording could deliver for your organization, call us now.

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