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Simko was the first authorized direct dealer of Racal Recorders (Now NICE Systems Inc) in the United States. Simko's voice recorder system engineers can plan a system to fit your needs!

Voice Logging Systems
Why Record? With today's 'lawsuit happy public', it seems that everyone is looking for the opportunity to win money in the courtroom lottery. Recording of your incoming and outgoing telephone conversations will help to offer protection and peace of mind as a hedge against this phenomenon.
Nice Log 8.9 The Nice Log 8.9 is the cream of the crop when it comes to high capacity digital recording.
Mirra NICE's Mirra is perfect for any small company looking for an entry-level recorder
Software NICE's solution-based applications can match whatever your needs may be
Want more Information? If you can answer a few questions about your recording needs, we can provide detailed information on a recording solution.

Check out Nice Systems (formerly Racal/Thales) Recorders web site!


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