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  The Nice Log 8.9 

The industry’s leading digital recorder just got even better.

With more channel capacity. More functionality. More on-line storage. And a great deal more versatility and flexibility.

Nice Log 8.9 is designed from the ground up for the most demanding nonstop, mission critical recording. In large call centers. In financial organizations. In public safety. Anywhere utmost reliability, ease of management, scalability and seamless integration are priorities.

In standalone applications, and as part of big systems, Nice Log 8.9 sets the standard for resilience and functionality. Making search, retrieval and playback faster and more precise.

It works at the system level with all leading telecommunications and call center platforms. And through our network of partnerships and alliances, Nice Log 8.9 can get the most out of your telephone system.

Best of all, it makes all these powerful facilities easily accessible to users. The Nice Log 8.9 can be accessed by its users on their network and can be easily controlled by the security access to the network.

Now world class recording does not necessarily demand world class skills to get the most out of it.


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